Friday, February 17, 2012

Broken But Not Bent-Now Published!!

 Broken But Not Bent - Shirl Spencer

Robbi helped get my book published through Lost Sheep Publishing and Progressive Edge Records! Its now available on Amazon.

I never thought my testimony would ever be just that.. a testimony! But its my prayer that this book gives people hope when they feel all hope is lost. I lost all hope for a long time and if this book gives one person hope, or helps one woman to beware of men like I mentioned in my book, then I've done my job.  I've spent many years in depression because of what happened to me and my children and most people don't live through something like this and I couldn't understand why I did. But God had a purpose for my survival and its to bring hope to those who has lost all hope.

I didn't want to write the book in the beginning because of all the horrific events that took place and living through it once was enough. But to having to relive the events for the book wasn't something I was ready for. But God and wine helped me get through it. (Hey, it's honest)  It took me 2 years  to write one of the chapters alone but I wrote it.  Remember this... no matter how hopeless it seems.. hope can be found in Christ. I give all Glory to God and a Very Special Thank You to my Husband Robbi because this could have never gone forth without them. So be sure to get your own copy at Amazon today!!

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