Monday, July 23, 2012


COULD YOU BE ANY CUTER?  OMG, I LOVE YOU!  I see that you are writing in the SE Blog, so I am going to write in YOUR Blog!!  You are such an amazing woman and best friend in the world and I thank God for you everyday, sometimes several times a day.  The way you treat me is so awesome! You love me and cherish me and respect me and even worship the ground that I walk on and I love you and cherish you and respect you and TOTALLY worship the ground that you walk on....  I would lick your feet clean or ANYTHING that you told me to do, I would do it without hesitation, just like you have with all the things that I am finding out that I enjoy and now that I am married and have the woman of my dreams to sleep with and make love to every night and every morning and sometimes as many as 7-times in one day!!  Omg, do you remember how sore we were after all that boning?  Ooops!  Did I write that in YOUR Blog?  That is just very frisky, now isn't it baby sweetness?

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