Friday, July 13, 2012

The definition of MESSED UP!

Hey guys! What is the definition of messed up? Here's one for ya...

 It seems so many people have a price these days. So, what's your price? What would it take for you to turn on the ones who love and help you? Most people with a heart wouldn't even think about it. Or at least anyone with a little common sense. I know a young man who was always easily bought and persuaded by others to turn on others by what he can get out of the deal. If the grass 'appeared' greener.. it was on! Regardless, even if it was wrong, he would do it anyways regardless of who it hurt if it seemed to benefit him more by doing the wrong. Just today this young man who is in his late 20's has not grown up, matured or learned anything, he remains the same and still turns on the mother who has always loved him, protected him and helped him. This young man banishes the very ones who helped him when he cried out for help. He goes back where he wanted out of and turns on the ones who he cried out to.

Even as a child he turned on his mom every time his grandmother wanted custody of him. The grandmother would make him offers and deals, such as college tuition's, privacy away from his family, a car and as I write this it comes to mind... it's said in God's word in Matthew 16:26  

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

This young man turned on his mother every chance he got and still does. Even as a child he knew of an assignation attempt that would be made against his mother and said nothing. Instead of trying to put an end to it, he accepted money and gifts for his silence. Today he claims he had nothing to do with it but says he only admitted to it later to appease everyone. For years the ongoing battles continued for the mom. In and out of court. Then one day... the boy woke up and admitted everything and stayed in his mothers custody. 

Years later, a fire strikes their home in the middle of the night and catches the home on fire. As a result the mother loses 3 children that night and the children went to heaven. Then the ex husband lies to gain custody of the womans daughter to get out of child support and convinces the son to help him by lying to him for his help. During the funeral the young man turns on his grief stricken mother by telling her to F*** off and walks over to her ex with the woman's daughter while the mother isn't looking and tells her ex not to give her back. The mother has no idea what had just took place. The son realizes he was wrong and swears to make things right by testifying in court with the truth so the mother forgives him again and they try to move forward. 

When the time came for court the young man who was 18 yrs old once again turned on the mother by lying and testifying against her on the stand. It was his testimony that won the ex custody of the little girl. The mother was devastated and in shock to say the very least.  Later that afternoon the young man and his new girlfriend show up at the mothers house. The young man was afraid to come into the house in fear the mother would disown him for what he had done. The mother said she chose not to disown him because then it would justify his actions and she wasn't going to give him that. She chose to forgive him and his girlfriend gave him the message, he came in the house and they once again, tried to move forward. He was unhappy with the woman he was with and needed help to leave because he didn't drive. His mother makes a phone call and he's on the next flight out. The young man comes back and moves in with the mother. Meets another girl and moves in with her. Their relationship doesn't last long and the young man comes back home. The mother was happy knowing her son was safe.

The young man today at 27 years old. He calls his mother and her husband in CA for months saying how unhappy he was with his girlfriend and how she changed when the mother moved away. He said his girlfriends true colors really came out and he needed help because he was miserable and how he needed an out otherwise she would never let him leave on his own because she was extremely possessive and controlling. He said he couldn't even go to the mailbox without a tail and how he worked, took care of her kids, did all the cleaning, the laundry and how unhappy he was. He said he wanted children of his own one day and to do the will of God. He tells the mother and her husband the best time to have him picked up.  The young man tells the mother mother and husband when the best time would be to pick him up so they have a friend in the area pick him up and he leaves.

He arrives at the mothers and while he's there,  he gets signed to a recording contract that her husband owns. He got the chance of a lifetime that most only dream about!! All  he had to do was complete 12 songs a year and show up for gigs, shows and photoshoots. He stays one month and recorded one song then tells the mother and husband he wants to visit his girlfriends children. He said he missed them and would only be gone a over the weekend but he had taken everything he owned for the weekend. When the mother and husband seen how he was taking everything he owned they questioned the young man and the young man said that he was going to work on computers while visiting the girlfriends children. In Spite of the concerns the mom and husband had, he left anyway. He tells the mom and husband while he's at his girlfriends, someone stole his wallet and he has no way to get back. The mom asked what happened to the money he was supposed to give the friend who picked him up and he said he only gave her half instead. Now with his wallet supposedly gone, he had no money to return back to the mother and husband. The mother calls her older brother and tells him what is going on and he says will give her son the information to book the flight either back to his mother and husband or he where he was located which was NC. The brother said he can use the ticket for anywhere he wanted to go but he preferred he used it to returned to his mother or himself.  The young man and his friend book the flight out of Sac instead of Redding which was only 10 minutes from him. But because his money was stolen he had no money for his friend and ends up missing his flight because they booked the flight out of a city over an hour away when the mother tried to tell them to book the flight out of the city he was currently next to which was only 10 minutes from his location. His friend wanted money an extra 100 in her pocket and insisted on booking him out of Sac. Greed can do many things. Anyways... 

He stays there a couple more weeks and decides that since things weren't working out the way he hoped with the girlfriend, he takes a greyhound across the united states to Ohio to get away from his girlfriend instead of going back to where his mom and her husband are at and fulfilling his record contract. When the mother tried to find out how her son was doing, the friend lied and said he was fine. The next morning the woman's son contacts the mother and tells her he is on a greyhound 5 hours outside of Ohio and he was trying to figure out how to get back to CA saying the trip was a mistake. The mother freaks!

His said his mother and husband lived too close to his girlfriend and he didn't want to be tempted to go back to his girlfriend after all. He said his friend offered him a job and his own place in Ohio... so off to Ohio he went.

Once he gets in Ohio, realizing he never should have went there and didn't know how to get back. The mother calls her brother and the brother gives the young man credit for another flight since he missed the first one. The young man decides to stay in Ohio and get a job. But when he arrived at his friends place, he finds out it was not as he was told because there was no place of his own waiting and there was no job. Not long after his arrival, he then ended staying in a borrowed tent in his friends back yard. The mother tells the young man to get a hold of her oldest brother who lived only minutes from where he was staying.

He stays in the tent for a month while visiting the uncle. He talks to his mother on July 3rd and tells her he was going to spend time with his uncle before he left for CA. The young man does exactly that, he spends the day with his uncle and leaves the evening of the 4th and heads back to CA. He headed straight to the girlfriend he wanted to get away from.

The mother awaits word to know her son made it back okay. They call and are told he is still in Cleveland, the husband calls and is told the same thing by the girlfriend but this time the husband isn't buying it and demands the truth. The girlfriend says, he's here but doesn't want anything to do with you guys because you destroyed my happiness once and you won't do it again!!

Now... how messed up is that? The 27 year old young man for months tells the mother and husband how miserable he is and wants out. The young man tells them the best time pick him up and they arrange a ride out for him from someone who lived 2 minutes from the young man and he leaves. The young man gets into all these situations and then turns AGAIN on the mother and the husband for helping him move out and move on with his life as he asked and the mother and husband are the ones who pay. 

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