Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pressing Forward

I hope everyone has been doing well. Today was a rough day and hopefully I'll feel more like myself in the morning. Just wasn't myself today and I couldn't even do the thing I love most, sing and play. It was just one of those times where you just can't get into it. You know those type of days, the good news is that Jesus is coming to get us out of here soon but until he does that feeling of not being myself won't last.

Sometimes getting through life is hard for me especially when it seems like the deck is stacked against you. In those cases you just have to hold on to God and press through until something breaks. Sometimes some of your dreams are harder to reach then others. Sometimes it would be like being in a candy store and being unable to reach any of the candy. It's really discouraging especially when you work hard and what you do, you do it with everything you got and someone is there to knock you down or whatever.... Although it may not be their intentions, it just happens. That's when you have to disregard what that person says and move forward if it's dealing with something you're called to do. The only opinion that really matters anyways is God's.

One thing I've been learning the past month or so is not giving up because giving up is not an option even when it feel like it's the only option your given, so to speak. I don't give up because of my husband... first of all, he never lets me give up, he's made that clear and two, he makes all the difference and he life worth living. I thank God for him everyday and I always will. We may have our times where we fuss or argue with each other at times but no matter what he knows we're an eternity thing.

We're both looking forward to the moment when Jesus comes and takes us the heck out of here! I hope to see you there. Are you ready?  Jesus is coming!! If you have no idea of what I'm talking about or you're not sure... then click Here!! (Just keep in mind to be patient as page loads)

Anyway, check out this amazing video my husband made. Its Robbi, me and some of our friends. Hope you enjoy. You can visit Robbi online or me and don't forget to check out Progressive Edge Records, Secret Enterprise, SE Studios, SE Bunnies, SE Magazine, SE Spirit Chasers, The Haunted Studio, Cuddlemuffin Showdown, SE Radio and there's FREE STUFF and a place to keep up with the latest SPACE WEATHER updates!!


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