Friday, July 27, 2012

To My Husband

My daring sweetheart, sometimes it's hard to for me to believe that we're really together and we've just past our 1 year wedding anniversary, seeing how happy we are together. Looking back, I can't believe I ran from you for 4 years because I was afraid. Everyday with you is like a dream to me. So lovely, pure, beautiful, enchanting and amazing. You inspire me in every way. So many of my dreams that I thought died, you've been bringing back to life and parts of me that have died along the way, you've been putting me back together one piece at a time because of love. Although some may not believe in me with my music, you do. At that my daring, means so much to me, because me and that dream was shattered 10 years ago until you got a hold of me and refused to let me give up and have been showing me that I can do it again If for no other reason than love. You are the most amazing and incredible man I've ever met and I'm so deeply in love with you. Growing up like most little girls, I never thought I could or WOULD ever meet anyone as wonderful as my daddy. But when I met you years ago, I knew then and I came to realize that daddy was right. He said one day you're going to grow up, meet someone who you're going to fall in love. It'll be someone who will love you back just as much and that's when your dreams come true. And that's exactly what happened with you. I thank God for you each and every day and I never want a day to pass without letting you know how much I love, respect and cherish you, our love and our life. You my love, the keeper of my heart is my reason I haven't given up on my dreams of singing to the world, even when others may not think I'm good enough, you do. And that my love, is why it will happen. I love you sweetheart more then mere words can come close to saying. Sometimes it feels like my heart is gonna explode because it pounds so hard. Omg.. what you do to me is breathtaking. What we have together is breathtaking. You are such a precious gift from God and I can never thank him enough for you. I know when you came into my life you saved my life because I had no desire to live because I saw no more purpose after what I've gone through. You are my heart, my everything.

I always seem to get myself in more trouble with this gorgeous husband of mine...

I love the life we have together and the amazing bleessings in our lives. They are a precious gift as well. You were man enough to pick me up, gently brush me off and take my hand and help lead me down life's path. The path God himself has destined for us and you have been strong enough to get a hold of me when I was ready to give up, lay down and die and you turned me around.  You are such an amazing man of God and my best friend. Without you, life means nothing to me, because you are my life. It's amazing God can give us the precious gift of a love so strong like this. I'll never be able to thank God enough for you my precious love!!!
Your wife,
xoxo ♥

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