Thursday, August 2, 2012


Music video screenshot of "Is It True?" Robbi & Shirl Spencer

The screenshot above is of our music video. But the amazing thing is that we're always this way, on and off camera. You don't find that very often and every time we turned around someone was telling us to get a room... so we did (On Facebook, check it out here.)

I am so blessed!! It's amazing to me the way my husband looks at me, treats me, talks to me, holds me, cuddles me, loves me, protects and watches over me. What you see above is us all the time and that's a love you don't see everyday. It is a rare and precious gift from God and believe me, I cherish every minute.

My husband is so hot that sometimes it's really hard to believe I actually ran from him for 4 years and it's also hard to believe we've been married just over a year now. It's funny sometimes because he doesn't let me get away with anything.. lol  He pays close attention to me and what I do, say, how I act. I'm not complaining though, I'm grateful and thankful to God he loves me that much because that's a complaint most wives have about their husbands. That they don't pay attention to them, or they ignore them. My husband isn't like that, he's very attentive to me and my needs.

I think that's what gets me in trouble part of the time, I don't tell him when something is wrong and he'll catch it every time without fail no matter how I try to keep it pushed back. He is so quick to bust me out on it. He gets extremely attentive when I doing my music because he knows how I can get. He says I can be a real brat but he loves me and sticks with it what project it is.  The other ime I get in trouble with him is when I'm recording and I don't like how it turned out so I delete it. Omg... I did again the other day and I told him what I did says, you what??? I told him to hear me out... I told him he'll like what I did better then what I had and he response was, I better!! So, I hope he does but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. Tomorrow I'm going back over what I did, without deleting what I already have, I won't push too many of his buttons when it comes to music.  I'm crazy.... not stupid.

Anyway.. Robbi did the most amazing thing for me.. Robbi created my own radio channel for me it's called BOOBEAR 105 FM You can check it out here!!! Anyway, I recorded a song the other day. I did a remake of Leann Rimes "But I do love you" which you can check it out here. Everyone here is pleased with the progress I'm making so that's a good thing.

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