Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013

Well, happy 2013 peeps! It's nice to see that we all survived the end of the world... Again! It's amazing how many times the world was supposed to end... That just goes to show how people jump to conclusions. Besides, no one can predict the end of the world expect God. But you know how people are.... I swear sometimes people drive me crazy!! Although...... I think it's a trip watching people freak out over something you know isn't going to happen but they believe it's true no matter what you tell them because they heard it on the news and they think the mainstream media would never lie to them. Some people will believe anything they hear on TV and that's why so many people are the way they are and they won't know what to do when they realize they've been deceived! Just sayin...

Robbi and I had an amazing Christmas and New Years! After the Christmas Party we took off for a couple days and then again right before New Years. At New Years we had some friends come in and that was a lot of fun hanging out with them, even though I ended up fighting a head cold that I'm fighting now. Robbi got me cold medicine and Kleenex and has been trying to take care of me at the same time I've been really busy working on designing websites and the social network that goes with it. You know, you create the website and then you have; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogger to go with the site.... Yep... one happy little package!

There has been a lot of artists coming into the studio to record their music and it's looking like Robbi is going to sign another artist to Progressive Edge Records. Which is way cool. A growing label is a successful label.

Anyway peeps... It's been a long week... Later!

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