Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shirl Spencer Update

Hi Guys!! I wanted to share our newest single along with our newest music video! I hope you enjoy them! My husband; Producer Robbi Spencer and myself  along with SE Studios, Secret Enterprsie and Progressive Edge Records have been getting ready for Christmas! In fact we have our Annual Christmas Party this Friday!!  and we've decorate the studio!

 Robbi also known as "Robbi Claus" has been spoiling with early Christmas presents!! My Brother; JD Ayers of JD Ayers Photography and Haunted Castle Pictures has been doing the camera work on our music videos and photo-shoots, so check out his sites! Who knows, you might be close enough to hire his services!!! Anyway, he is super talented in directing movies, behind the camera, acting, a musician and yes, he even sings!!  We are very proud of him and his work is nothing short of amazing!! 

We have been so busy and now with new music videos coming up, the filming of the Chasing Butterflies movie along with being in one of my brothers movies, and the starting of Season 2 of The CuddleMuffin Showdown and Season 2 of SE Spirit Chasers  it's going to be fun, exciting and busy!!

Robbi & I wanted to wish each and everyone of you the very best Christmas ever and a very fun, happy and safe New Year!! 

The Storm - Robbi & Shirl Spencer

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