Sunday, January 5, 2014

When Dreams Seem Bigger Than You

Doesn't it seems that dreams are so much bigger than ourselves? When your younger it seems that your dreams is just a star in your eye, a picture in your mind of exactly how things are going to be but then, you get older and it seems that life takes over and your dreams become further and further out of reach and out of sight. But I learned that when a dream is your destiny and is meant to be, it always finds a way of presenting opportunities to you. Many times too many people say, maybe next year or it'll be my New Years Resolution. But what if it doesn't present it's self at the time, life gets in the way or doors slam shut? You should always open the door when the opportunity knocks. Remember, there are seasons and times for everything. When you feel something and it's in your bones, in your thoughts, you breathe it and in your veins then you've got to grab hold of those dreams and run with it. Don't let life or the people in it, direct your path. It's YOUR life, no one can life your life for you because you are responsible for your own life.  It's YOUR dream... YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Those who have not succeeded in their dreams, plans, ideas or goals will always discourage others from doing it as well. Misery loves company and so they feel as though they're justified for discouraging you because it didn't work for them and then go on to tell you that you should do this or do that. I've learned that just because it didn't work for them, doesn't mean it's not your destiny. My point is when you have a dream and you know that you know it's your calling... don't let it slip through your fingers or just dream of doing it...wake up and chase that dream. Catch it, pursue it, breathe it... live it!!! Be willing to step out of your comfort zone, and touch those stars that seems unreachable. It's your life and no one can or will live it for you. When people discourage you, they probably don't mean too and think they're looking out for your best interest but remember, It's your life, not theirs. Don't let anyone hold the pen to your life, you write the story that YOU'RE going to live.You have to make the decision, are you going to live your life to please your friends or yourself? When you obtain your dreams, goals, desires, hopes and plans, maybe.. just maybe those who discouraged you will see their own dreams are possible.  Another thing to think about is when others discourage you just look at their life, where are they in life? Are they successful or just barely living from day to day? Connect with others in the same field of your dreams who are successful. Birds of a feather flock together and when you connect with those in the same field they can point you in the right direction or help you to achieve your dreams. Be open to constructive criticism and keep an open mind to their advice and experience.  Sly, harsh or sarcastic remarks only brings one down and it shows where they stand with you and your dreams. I personally have encounter some who have told me my dreams were a waste of time, telling me to do this or do that and yet, they themselves are not successful. Those are the ones you disregard, don't take seriously. Be nice and take it with a grain of salt but don't hold your future on their opinion.  Now, I am signed recording artist living my dreams everyday because I chose to listen to those who are successful and pay no mind to those who are not. My husband is my music producer who signed me to his record label, Progressive Edge Records and we're pumping out singles and music videos one after another. Speaking of which... we're filming one tonight... Caio!

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