Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Living Your Dreams

You hear so many people say, "Dreams can come true" and I never believed it until Robbi and I got married on July 1, 2011. It's really amazing to be married to the man of my dreams. He tells me I'm his blessing and how lucky he is and that's how I feel about him. We show each other everyday and we are both very protective over each other and we have our claws so deep into each other, it's awesome! He calls me his little pit-bull because I'm very quick to jump if I think there's even a hint of someone saying anything remotely close to disrespectful to him or about him. Like last Sunday, someone said something about one of his books and I was very quick to jump and Robbi was telling me to back down. So... what do I do? I go back in the church to tell the pastor what was on my mind from the sermon and he was like... oh, no!! After a few minutes he came in to make sure I wasn't getting into trouble and told me we had to go. I definitely keep him on his toes there's no doubt about that.  I find myself in trouble with him from time to time because of things like that or music but it's all totally good.  Our music videos are hot because there's so much love and true passion and it's all real emotions out there and people can really feel it and it totally draws them in.

He is the male version of me and I am the female version of him as so many tell us and it's true. I am so in love with my husband it secures my heart to know he feels the same way. Too many times you hear of one way relationships and that's never a good thing because if the love isn't going both ways, then your pretty much wasting your time.  If you find the guy or girl of your dreams and you both feel the same, run with it and follow your heart. You'll be happy you did.  Just Sayin....

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