Thursday, March 20, 2014

What would YOU do?

Do you believe in God Almighty, creator of you and the universe, his son, his precious spirit? Do you believe God is all powerful, all knowing? Do you believe he stands by his word? Do you believe God still stands by his promises even though you see him do it for others but not for you. Do you still serve God?

Lets say you were serving God and were married and he was abusive and the guy leaves you for an older woman. Although its a relief to you, you still give it to God but hear no word from heaven. Would you continue to serve God?

What if you and your children loved with all your hearts and served God then all of a sudden, lightning strikes! It kills 3 of your children in the night as you all sleep. You're CRYING out to God, no answer.  Would you still serve God?

What if after the lightning kills your children and guy who left you took advantage of the situation and lied to the courts to take your daughter to get out of child support and WINS and destroys your life! Regardless of the 1000's of prayers from you and 1000's from others on your behalf that went up but no answer from heaven.  Would you still serve God?

What if, years go by say... 4 or 5 years and the one who took your daughter, still laughs at you, torments you, puts down your deceased children and demands money from you every chance he got. You're still praying and believing God for help and to make things right but, no answer from heaven. Would you still serve God?

A decade passes and nothing's changed. The guy still laughs and brags how he got away with it, continues to try and destroy what's left of you, hunts you down like a dog for money and continues to cause torment. You've done everything you know to do and like the bible says, when having done all... stand. Still No help from heaven. Losing hope, Do you STILL serve God?

12 years pass... you feel all hope is gone in that particular area of your life. You know God doesn't lie but hasn't gotten around to fulfilling promises in that area of your life that is so vital or hasn't taken to time to make things right, and with the guy... nothing's changed. He is still as evil as before.  Do you STILL trust, believe and Serve God when heaven is still silent?

You still love and serve God. Heaven is silent.  Is this a testimony that would bring you to God for make you run from God.

What would YOU do??


  1. I know it hurts losing your children Shirl and I am very very sorry for that, but I am most upset that you have not heard from heaven regarding this issue? Is it possible we overlooked something? Seems like we have our ducks all in a row, but it just doesn't make sense, you know? Anyway, love you. Hubby

  2. It doesn't make sense but thank you for standing with me through this. I love you so much and you are my everything!!!! I love you baby!!!

  3. You are an amazing woman and the fact that you have endured all this shows that you are one bad bitch!! I would DEFINITELY never F with you, that is for sure..... You are so talented and have an intense love for God and you despise evil, so let's gang up on the devil and rat fuck the bastard!!!!

  4. Okay baby, Thank you! We're in this together!! <3

  5. I said it before, I still say it today.. you are the greatest husband on this planet!!! I am so deeply in love with you!!

  6. God is not "OUT THERE" but within your heart, infusing the life force that is in your body/mind/spirit. It is a vibrational universe, not an emotional one. What humans have come to call "fair" does not have any resonance with what IS. To serve GOD is to serve your own beingness. Having not walked in your moccasins I cannot say what I would do, for you have lived through the unimaginable loss, and that you have lived through it and now have the happiness and protection of the most beloved husband speaks LOUD truth that your heart is being healed in the ways that Source/God works. If the husband is still taunting and tormenting you, that means he is miserable with the choices he has made and with his own self. The spirits of your children are WITH you, there is NO death of the spiritual is you & Robbi they are around because you resonate love and they feel this as they are enveloped, embraced and loved by Source. God has lead them back to you, although not in the form that you knew, that you carried in your womb. There is love all around you. You are inspired with creativity....THIS is GOD, this is the service, your honoring and working with this inspiration is your serving GOD and your having the inspiration and the means to work with it, with your beloved husband is GOD working with you. Never do the answers come in the forms the limitations of our minds expect. Blessed be, dear sister. You also have a sister now, who loves you dearly.

  7. P.S. OOPS.....I called your 'ex' your 'husband' - forgive that faux paux. Robbi is the one and only HUSBAND. The 'ex' gets the axe! XOXO

  8. I know what you meant and thank you!! My husband is the first real love I have known from a man. I am blessed and I am blessed to have you as my sis <3 Thank you for reading my blog. I love you sis <3

  9. My ex... is the perfect example of what to run from and that's just being honest. Now when I see anyone with a guy with the same characteristics as my ex... I encourage them to run as fast and far as they can before their lives get destroyed. If I can save anyone from that kind of pain... I'm going to do it because I don't want to see anyone go through what I did.


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