Sunday, March 23, 2014

When Love is True

Married July 1, 2011

I've learned much from my husband Robbi. Here my lovelies are some of which I learned.  I learned that you can't run or should I say... outrun love for very long. Because when it's real it not only catches up with you, it embraces you, it scolds you, it can bring you to your knees, it keeps you awake at night or put you in air walking on the clouds. You find yourself singing again, smiling again, you learn what it's like to live, to laugh.... to love. It can cause a body to tremble uncontrollably with just a thought of a person, it invades your thoughts, your dreams, your views, your outlook on things, and a single voice on the phone can make your IQ go down quicker then the titanic. You find yourself treading on uncharted grounds, sacred grounds. There is nothing you can do once love has you, for your heart is no longer your own.  When a couple are truly in love... then Love is Alive! Love takes on a form of it's own that binds the two hearts together and as they emerge and dance their souls and spirits are intertwined forever bound as one entity, one flesh, one soul as two spirits become one. True Love goes beyond the surface. It's that 'knowing' where everything inside of you tells every part of your being that you just found your 'Forever Love'.  It's where nothing makes sense, even when the logic in your head tells you no,  everything else that is within you is telling you...YES! There is no shaking it off, brushing it aside, or running away from it for too long ...because true love ALWAYS catches up with you, grips you... for the loss it had just endured. The loss of your own heart. Because your heart knows it is no longer your own and you are not where your heart resides. For your heart resides in the hands of it's rightful owner. The one who holds it, the one owns it... Your Soul-mate. 

The longer you run, the stronger it becomes and the more apparent and evident it is. It's when two souls become one because it's meant to be, they love very deeply and unconditionally. They love with every fiber of their being because the love comes from their heart, their soul, their spirit.... from the very core of their existence, which is eternal. Eternal... that's a long time, that's forever, without end, being placed in each others custody for not only the rest of your life, but for the rest of eternity where time as we know it, no longer exists. Because time stands still, where a moment lasts forever. Marriages, True Love... are a rare and precious jewel. A gift from God. Because God is Love and Love is God.  

Love, true love...  is give and take, love without reason, condition or sensibility. Love, the commitment to another where no one else matters because the journey you travel is only fit for two. Love is not blind, but aware. Aware of the fact that there is no time, and not time as we know it here, but in the universe, the heavens, that great vast that is reality ... which is everlasting, life everlasting, love without end, time without measure.

 So be sure to recognize the signs of a lost heart. For you will not find within your own logic but with the one who holds it, the one who owns it, it's rightful owner.... You're Soul Mate, Your true love, for the one who owns your heart, owns you! It's funny... for centuries profound people have 'declared' love would never beckon at their door... for it didn't... it slipped in when they were unsuspecting, unaware and in the most un looked place... In another's Eyes! 

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