Friday, March 21, 2014

Who Remembers

You may look but do you really see? Do you go beyond or run along the surface? Do you hear or really listen, can you hear what words can't say? How is it many who say they care but only pretend with lip service because it's what would make them look good. Do you read the book or between the lines? Can you hear what isn't being said or see in their eyes what they can't say. Do you perceive or only assume? Are you quick to judge someone because of the trials they walk through? Do you not realize it may not be their choice? Do not tell someone how awesome it is they have endured, when they felt they had no choice and to them it's extreme suffering. Are you understanding or judgmental? Do you assume the worst of someone or look deeper. Remember when children were with the parent who did the right thing? Now it's the one with the most money... winner takes all.  

Are you silent when you see wrong being done or do you stand up for what's right? Do you remember in a normal world, children love their parents? I remember a time when a child would never sell out their mother out of gain or greed. Remember when miracles were an every day thing and now far reaching? What happen to the hearts of yesterday when someone can express themselves without the fear of persecution? Remember when Christmas was a joyous time and never thought to be censored? Do you remember when a man's word was gold and is what defined a man? Now truth is considered the new hate speech.  Do you remember when people who loved God, really loved God and not self serving? Do you remember when the 'seed' had to do with souls and the kingdom of God instead of money? 

Do you remember when everyone had a fair shake, now homeless line the streets as empty houses grow in abundance. Do you remember when you went to 'church' it actually meant something? Instead it is a ritual and a social spot. Remember when Evangelists were pure, now it's about fame, fortune and rock star status. Remember when people used to help the hurting? Now... they're treated as a disease.  Remember it was love your neighbor and good will towards men and now it's look out for number one and screw thy neighbor? Do you remember when you were able to protect yourself if someone breaks into your home, now if someone breaks into your home and you protect yourself, you go to jail? Remember when judges and cops used to be honest and they were there to protect and serve? Now... it's that now longer applies. 

Remember when we had a president who defended this country, protected the rights of the people and the constitution? Now is dissembled from the inside out as rights are stripped away one by one as drones are sent to kill the very ones who elected them. Remember when movies were pure? Now their all about sex, violence and sacrifice but for all the wrong reasons.   Ahhh... I sure miss those days and now I hate what this world has become because now... IT TOTALLY BITES!!

I remember so many things growing up and the years raising my 6 precious babies, but times like that are now are obsolete. It seems that now only speaking your mind leads so trouble... unless of course you're agreeing with those who deem truth as hate speech because they're too busy living a lie. I remember hope used to be a good thing but now way to many times 'hope' is actually the feeling of hopelessness. Hey.. it is what it is.

It becomes to hard to watch the news anymore because half the news are reporting corruption as the right thing and those who oppose are considered fake news. Wow.... Things sure aren't the way it used to be when life was enjoyable, the American dream was still alive and people actually cared by one another.

Instead, you have kids who sell out their own mom because they want to get laid, others turned from their parents because people take advantage of situations and causes a child to be convinced their real mom doesn't mean anything and their better off without them, while others are led to believe a lie because everyone else is too afraid to tell the truth. Kids are killing parents in one way or another and it doesn't stop there. They grow up to become the status quo and everything they were raised to believe become only myths, dreams or something no longer applies.

When you love God, do you realize how hard it is? Basing everything you do, live, work, dream and believe on faith and if you're lucky.. your faith wasn't in vain. But.. that is a small number anymore. So what do you do? Just give up.. give in to everything your heart has always told you not to, just for the sake of survival and failure to give in only leads to praising God while you're homeless on the street with broken dreams and unfulfilled promises.  Yet, you still have to praise God when you've lost everything and failure to do so while having lost everything will only deem you as you deserved it by those uppity socialists in the 'church' because you no longer have the heart because your spirit was completely broken in the process. Been there!

So... then what? Just some thoughts.... just sayin.......

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