Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Rant of the Week

Here is my rant of the week. I am so tired of people who claim to be saved, or they're Christians, spiritual or religious being more judgmental than those who don't claim to be anything at all. God wants people to come as they are and not only if you look good or make a lot of money. People pervert the word of God and use the scriptures as a shield to fit their purposes no matter how wrong they are. How many times have you ever heard of Jesus judging someone or not help someone based on their appearance or how much money they have? There is so much gossip and backbiting withing the church community and within the church walls, it's no wonder church attendance is on the biggest decline more than ever. I can name of few around here but I won't...

I know a guy (and I use that term loosely) because he is honestly- a monster who claims to be a 'prophet' yet has went out of his way to lie and destroy what was left of a family who had suffered great tragic loss and used that situation to lie and destroy that family even more because he felt he had so much to gain and it still laughs that he got away with it and still causes trouble while claiming to be of God. I know one thing.. they're not of the most high God because he would never approve of what he has done or continues to do. But anyone who knows this person would know that's a no brainer. 

I guess that's all part of the great deception, the mind of a reprobate, thinking good is evil and evil is good. Where the love of Christ waxes cold. Anyone can claim to be a prophet, saved, a christian, religious or spiritual but that doesn't make it true. People who continually mistreat others, do bad and evil things without remorse or regret are those who are cursed so its always best to avoid those type of people otherwise you get caught up and pulled down with them. Literally in one way or another.

Anyway... If you love God, than you don't have to announce in such a way that you make sure you stand out and gain attention. It shows in your actions, behaviors, how you treat people in your everyday life. And, how dare anybody judge someone based on their appearance. I saw an article that got my feathers ruffled because girls take pretty selfies.

Honestly, people need to get a grip and worry about their own selves and not about how someone looks. People have become so politically messed up that freedom of speech is being done away with to suite their own conscious, or to avoid dealing with their own conscious so they have an excuse to do what they do, so they don't have to feel guilty for doing what they know in their heart is wrong.

If you think I'm wrong about people judging on appearance? Cool... read this article below, it's not that long. It makes my point really clear. There will be many in hell who claimed to be of God, or claimed to be a christian, religious or even saved but even in the bible talks about it in Matthew 7.

If you can't help someone, fine.. just don't hurt them, don't judge them. Pray for them and if you can't do that, than just leave them alone. That's what a real person of God would be do.

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