Sunday, August 3, 2014

Uh...Couple things....

.I love God as much as the next person but there's some things I have to get out, so.... if you don't like it... you don't have to read it, just leave. It's all part of that thing we call free speech, or what's left of it anyway.

I see a lot of comments, novelties or as Keith Green would call it, "Jesus Junk"  going around and then I see the comments. Are people really that naive? Doesn't people EVER do their homework and  research things for them selves? Wow...

Okay. I see and hear people say thinks like... use me God, use me, do what you want. Do people really think about what they're saying? And what about healing? God doesn't change, he heals now as he did in bible days. I've seen someone who needed prayer because they're in pain and one of their responses (from a friend of theirs) said they were going to pray for less pain. Really? They're not going to pray for someone's complete healing, only partial? Wow. This is how I responded...

"Praying for complete and total healing. To pray for less pain doesn't make sense. It is by his stripes we are healed. Why would anyone pray for a partial healing when the Lord can fully heal, restore and make one whole? What a great testimony it would make for the Lord because he does heal. He has completely healed people of cancer, aids, flu and so much more. He brought people back from the dead. Why limit God and his abilities and keep him in a box? That's like asking for a half eaten piece of cake. God Bless!!"

People just don't get it, do they? Then I saw where people were saying Use me Lord, Empty me lord. There is nothing wrong with that because I'm sure their intentions are good BUT.... what if God answered your prayer? Would you still feel the same or would you be wondering, why is this happening to me? 

Here's a clue... Watch what you pray for, you just might get and it might be more then you realized or bargained for. I saw a post and everyone was saying "Amen" to God using them and Emptying them and that's all well and fine but to they realize what they're asking?

Here's how I responded:

"I love the Lord but I also learned. Be very careful with what you pray for, you might get more then you realized. Just use wisdom is all I'm saying. Don't say use me Lord, use me and when he does you may be feeling like, why is this happening?? Watch what you pray for, even in song. Many people ask God for this and that but don't realize what they may have to go through. One more bit of wisdom... Don't ask for unshakable faith unless you are prepared to pay the price for it. Trust me on this... I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I know what its like to get caught up in the moment, the presence, the anointing, the music and just spout off, use me lord, use me. Just use wisdom before asking, singing or praying anything is all I'm saying. This is not meant as disrespect by any means. Just would hate to see anyone turn from God because of what they're going through after God is answering your prayers for faith, strength patience or anything like that. If you ask for faith, you're going to go through hard times, when asking for patience, you're going to go through things to test your patience. Ask for unshakeable faith and you might lose more then you then you imagined. And my friends, I'm speaking from experience on that one. Just use wisdom and think first before asking. If you're extremely delicate, sensitive or thin skinned, you might want to really think about it. I was. I'm just being honest with you because I wouldn't want to see anyone go through what I had to go through and Although I still love God where most people would think God abandoned them and would turn from him as some family members have or more like ran from God because of what we've endured, I was in no way prepared or expecting the hell that we had to endure. Just think it through first, that's all. God Bless!"

I know of people who prayed for God to do this in them and do that in them but later when they're going through it, they're asking, "Why is this happening to me?" Think before you speak and use wisdom is all I'm saying.That's not to say its always a bad, harsh, heartbreaking trial where you lose everything including family members, children, your home or business but you have to be prepared if it is. I was in way expecting or prepared for what I had to go through.  I know people who've lost everything, and I mean everything. Yet I've seen other prayers answered for people without the heartache and spirit breaks. You don't know how God will do what you've so naively prayed for out of the passion of the moment. 

Think about what your singing to God, Praying for... Don't put yourself in a position where you're going to be questioning your feelings about God, your relationship with him, and don't put God in a position where he gets hurt and having to defend himself because he loves you all because you prayed for faith, strength, patience... and he is answering your prayers and then you're questioning him or why it's happening. If you pray it, be prepared to a price.  

I'm speaking from experience here because after the hell I went through after praying for unshakeable faith, God spent years trying to reach me again to tell me he didn't kill my kids and I'm still hand shy now of God. But it happened, whether God did it or allowed it.. it happened and it was beyond my control and it put me in a tail spin for years I ended up thinking God didn't like me because he allowed so many bad things.  I still love God, I always will but now... I'm very cautious about what I pray for. I use wisdom and so should you. If you're going to pray for such things because of a feel good moment in church... at least be sure to be prepared. Use wisdom. You wouldn't write a check your butt can't cash in the physical, so don't do it in the spiritual. 


Big ups to my husband Robbi Spencer and his music!! It's his music playing as I write this that is helping me  to keep my composure and write this with love.

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