Saturday, September 13, 2014

To my husband; Producer Robbi Spencer

To my husband Robbi Spencer, I am so deeply in love with you. I never thought I would know a love so real, so deep, so passionate and kind as we have together that gets deeper and stronger every day and when you think it can't get any stronger than it already is, I wake up the next morning to find it even more so. I will always continue to be faithful, dedicated and loyal to you. I will always continue to be devoted to you and I will always honor you. You are my husband, a precious gift from God and I cherish that with every fiber of my being. God is our live and you are my heartbeat, my heart throb, my best friend, my everything. I can say that because I also know it's the Lord through you as well. It will be exciting to see the Lord and our babies in heaven but in the meantime, I will always love and honor you as I would the Lord. I love you and I love our life. I love our friends and most importantly I love God. I have watched him use you to bring me back to him and show me he does love, care and takes care of us. I always give credit where do, the enemy did a heck of a job making me think, feel and believe things I would have never would have before the bad things happened. When God sent me messengers to me about you, showed me and others in dreams and would always confirm it was mind blowing. After things happened I ran from God because I didn't want him to hurt me again, well.. I had learned that it wasn't him. He has been using you to help me not to be so hand shy of him and I'm getting better. When God brought us together and we became one flesh, it was the start of so many lessons. He used you in countless ways and still does. When we got married it was and still is, my heart's desire to be the best wife I can be to you and the kind of daughter our heavenly Father can be proud of. I really try with all my heart and that will never change.I love our time together and how we have so much fun, I love our talks and just being in the same room with you is so wonderful. You are so a wonderful producer to me. Although we had a rough start when it came to music, we both hung in there and learned to keep the business side separate from our marriage, which works out great! Who ever thought we would become such a dynamic duo? God knew it. How many people can say they married the Rock-star they loved, and the man of their dreams? I can because God knew exactly what he was doing. I give him ALL the Glory, honor and praise for that!! We are exactly what the other needed in every way. Isn't it amazing how God works? I was such a brat in the beginning and still am... but that's just how I'm wired together, but I your brat and God's and that makes me happy. I love the babies and I learned just recently to just let go and know God has them and I've been learning to let go on so many things. I learned you have to let go before God can take it from you. My faith remains in God knowing he will reach our other babies and so now, I don't trip, so to speak. I love our life and every minute together. I am learning to enjoy life more and not stress or be afraid to love because God shows me love through you and blessed me by making me your wife. I can't live without you because you are so much a part of me. All of what I've learned and still learning is because of you and the Lord. I can never thank God enough for you and I can never show you enough of how much I love you. I love you my sweet husband. Your wife for life!! Shirlanne xoxo

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