Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Love Letter to my husband

There are so many things I can say about how amazing, beautiful and wonderful my husband is but none of them can ever come close enough to the very real, very deep feelings of my being and my heart! When I say "I Love Him!!" It goes so much more beyond that...

I MORE than love him. I will always love and take care of him, be there for him, stand with him, have faith in him and believe in him. My husband is my hero and I thank God for him everyday!! I couldn't ever live with out him and I wouldn't want too. I'm going to tell you what I told him.. I hope I get called home before him because I couldn't live without him. If he got called home before me and it would crush my world and I'd die of a broken heart and I would follow right after him. I love him so much with the very core of my existence, of my being, of me!! I want him happy and I'll do what ever he asks, wants or needs and he knows it. My life forever belongs to God and my husband!! (and our kids of course!)

I frustrate him sometimes or make him mad but it isn't ever intentional because I love him so much! But he loves me and that means everything to me. What he thinks, feels or says is so important to me and I take in everything he says or does.

I wish you can feel the love that I am feeling for him... its breath taking! I really hope if you love someone and you know they love you.. then go make a stand and let them know! Don't let them run!
You get one shot in life.. embrace it because life is too short to wonder, guess and question!

Robbi, My precious Husband, I love you with all my heart!! You are such an inspiration to me and sitting here, watching you work, listening to your music...  it brings such a peace into my spirit you can't even imagine. Your music is the most beautiful music I've ever heard. I've always felt that way...

Sweetheart, you are the most incredible man I've ever met.  You do things to my heart no one has ever done. Honey, you reach places no one knew was there. So many things I've kept inside for so many years, you are so loving, so patient, kind and compassionate... you help me when pains of that horrible nightmare come to me.  You give me so much hope, you give me the strength I need to get through what ever it is I need to get through. You're so amazing, protective, passionate, handsome, smart, I learn so much from you.  I learn things from you that no one has been able to show me.  You help me to live again, you help me to smile and laugh!  When I feel like my heart is breaking because of things I have been through you're right there to pick me up, hold me, and put me together so to speak.  You stop whatever you're doing and you talk with me when I need to talk.

Robbi, I love you so much sweetheart!!!  I'll do anything for you and I am forever thankful to God for bringing us together and marrying us.  God has done such a great thing!  You are the most wonderful husband in the world and I love you with all of my heart, all of my soul.  I have so much love for you... its the forever love that only grows more and more with each and every passing moment!!!  If I died right now, I can say my dreams came true and its all because of you!!!

Robbi, every time I turn around you are doing or saying something that completely takes me by surprise. I couldn't imagine my life without you and I wouldn't want to.  You are my life, my strength, my hope, my everything. You really have no idea how much you heal my heart. I gave up on so many things because I felt I lost my purpose in this life, but God used you to bring me back to life again so to speak.
You are so amazing and I am so glad I belong to you and God. I know that I will do what it takes to be everything you want, need and desire! I don't question you in any way because everything you have ever said or done has always been in my best interest. I trust you with all my heart and soul and I thank God for you everyday!!!

When you hold me tight at night and stroke my hair and put me to sleep... its the most amazing feeling in the world. I wake up and you smile at me and you take such good care of me.  I love you so much my precious love!!!! I hope I can always do what I can to make you happy, proud of me and pleased. I love you so much and I can never say it enough!!  Thank you for just being you and I love you with everything I was ever created to be!!

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