Sunday, April 26, 2015

Attention all artists and rising stars

Remember, a record label can void your contract under the following conditions. Just to name a few.....

1. Your music isn't selling.

2. You don't up hold your end of the contract.(Concerts, gigs, photo-shoots, recordings, communications, etc.)

3. You're too difficult to work with.

4. Your bad behavior over rides your talent and/or sales.

5. Throwing false accusations at the record staff while being demanding and too difficult to work with or just causing more trouble than you're worth.

Remember, the record label gives you the opportunity, it is a privilege and not a right! If you're signed with Progressive Edge Records or ANY Record label, keep in mind that they're doing you a favor by taking the time and money it takes to record you, promote you, build websites and social networks.  So be grateful and don't abuse it!!!!

Just sayin.....

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