Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Secrets.. From a woman's point of view

"A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets."
 ~ Old Rose, "Titanic"

One thing that men can never understand is why women has so many secrets...  Secrets of the heart...  secrets of the mind... secrets of the soul...  secrets within...
Some say it's a cry for help, a catalyst for defense and sometimes it is.. I'm sure you've heard the quotes.. "a woman's silence (or a sigh) says more then words"... and "if a woman is quiet and you ask her what's wrong and she says, I'm fine! (Which is a girl's biggest lie)  Chances are something is very wrong...  but when it comes to secrets.. well that's a whole different world there...

 A woman keeps many things to herself which usually frustrates men... Robbi can vouch for that one... but a woman holds very deep secrets of desires, fantasies, wishes, questions, wonderment's, unfulfilled desires, dreams and wishes.... sometimes if given to a man it can put them in a very vulnerable place and open to heartaches, let downs and disappointments and sometimes keeping them within are always the best thing so when/and if it happens... it's lifetime treasure.

 Somethings just revealing and leaving it up to a man isn't always the best thing. Not to say they wouldn't sincerely try to make them come true, because most would... but if it doesn't turn out as she dreamed and/or expected then the let down is far greater and it completely destroys the fantasy, desire or dream. 
I have finally come to the place where I am starting to be open with Robbi and share what dreams and desires that I have. Although I haven't shared much yet as I would like, it leaves him a little frustrated... but he waits somewhat patiently. Mostly ... I think what gets him upset the most is when he sees something is wrong and I'm not talking... he is always busting me out on that one asking me what is wrong... what's going on.... things along that way and if I'm not talking he gets frustrated and walks out of the room for a couple minutes. 

Usually by the time he gets back, I'm okay and he's left wondering... 
But... from this woman's point of view, it's what most women do... whether out of fear, habit, past experiences, not wanting to bother anyone with their problems or for so many reasons the number of reasons can go untold.  But guys, you're not alone and trust me... I do it to Robbi A Lot although it's not my intention to keep anything from him at any time.  I have a hard time expressing emotions of sadness, frustration, depression or anything along those lines. Unfortunately for me, it's something that became a habit because of things I've went through in my life.  Just this morning Robbi asked me in the studio... "Who did that to you!!" and I didn't say a word. Sometimes life has such an effect that there are no words that can be said.
Robbi has been an amazing husband... he is never slack when it comes to what I'm feeling at any time. Although too many times to count I want to tell him what I'm feeling, I'll  go to open my mouth but nothing comes out, the words won't come... and sometimes it's more frustrating for me then it is for him, although you wouldn't know it.  

Sure, like any husband who wants to help his wife but can't because I can't get it out,  he gets frustrated from time to time but sometimes a woman's silence says more then mere words can come close to uttering... A simple look in the eyes usually tells it all since the eyes are the windows to the soul. 
So guys... try not to question to much about a woman's secrets that she holds within, but be ready to listen, don't be too harsh unless it's absolutely, without a doubt called for... be quiet and listen and do what she asks or ask her what she needs and what you can do for her. Sometimes just being held is all that it takes...   
I hope you learned something from this article... because it won't be repeated again. 
Just sayin.....

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  1. You are an amazing woman Shirlanne! I love you so much!


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